Pocketfolio features

Pocketfolio is full of awesome features

Advanced features to showcase a beautiful website and engage your clients.

All the advanced features to create a unique and beautiful website.

Logo Maker

Create your professional logo without using photoshop. Choose the font, add a decoration and set the best display settings.

Page Builder

Build rich and complex pages using the page builder feature. You can add and arrange different blocks of content. It's fast and easy.

Unlimited Content

There are no limit to the number of pages/images you can create/upload. Each plan is only limited by a storage quota.

Fullscreen Sliders

With fullscreen sliders you can showcase your best works with big images and clickable titles.

Big Photos

Any website is designed to show big photos in your galleries. Images bigger than screen resolution could be zoomed in and out.

Image Thumbnails

Different image sizes are generated during the upload and used to optimize bandwidth on mobile devices.

Password Protection

With the password protection features you can create private pages and give exclusive access only to specific users.


Protect your images using the built-in watermark function. You can add a simple copyright text or a powerful grid protection.

Seo & Statistics

Optimize your websites to rank high in search engines. You can also monitor your traffic reports and clients engagement.


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Create a News Area. You can promote yourself and your services creating complex and multimedia articles.


Add links to your social network profile pages. Activate the sharing buttons to share your projects and articles.

Homepage Selection

Choose which page to use as your website homepage. It Could be a gallery as well as a fullscreen slider or a custom page.

Under Construction

With the under construction mode you can update your websites without having any visitors seeing your temporary updates.

Offline Mode

Put any page online/offline whenever you want. This way you can manage your content safely and privately before go live.

Full Hosted Website

Your website is fully hosted in our servers. You will not worry about any server settings or hosting limitation plans.

No code needed

You don't need a web designer nor a web developer. You can customize almost everithing without using code.

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